Hello, I’m HeymanRecently, a subscriber said he wanted to go camping, but he didn’t have money, so he asked if there was any way.Then I told you to think about this vehicle!It’s a car called the Citvan.If you have some dexterity with a car like this, it’s okay to buy a used camping car at a low price and renovate itIn particular, the winning bid is really lower than the teacher’s angle at the auction house, even if you don’t know the dealer
I think it’s okay to make my own used car one by one on Sunday or Saturday.
If you want to buy a used camping car, you can buy it at a wholesale price after looking at the vehicle carefully in advance and looking at the performance checklist.Let’s take a look at the car.If you open the door, it feels like a truck.The scaffolding is all done.It’s about 1m and 80cm high.
It’s a little scary because of the bars ^^;There’s a lot of space.I think I can work on it hereBut this one must be dexterous.
I think it would be okay to modify the top like this and take it out more or work on it.I don’t know what it was used for before.
The model car is about 67,000km in 2017.I made a shelf with bamboo feet on it, but I think I’ll get a sense of how to decorate it if I open it and break it and ask the company to do it.
I want to buy a used camping car, but I think it’s okay for people who don’t have money to buy it.This car also has a rear camera.The door is locked, so you have to open it with a key^^; Both doors are open, but I think it would be good to make a door for camping.It’s a car that’s been repaired if possible.
It’s good to use as a basic material for making a camping car, but this part on the side is a little disappointing.It doesn’t matter if you rip the whole door open and load it, but if you use the door as it is, the part looks a little disappointing. TT
This is a city van and it’s a Porter 2 car now.Porter 2 can be purchased for more than 10 million won at the 2017 ceremony.I don’t know if it’s going to be this timeIt remains to be seen
the mileage ran 68,000 kilometers.
From the driver’s seat, the space is so large that it looks very high.We’ll have to wait and see how it changes depending on how you decorate it.
I think the interior is slightly decorated or used, but it feels like it’s been restored and sold.Anyway, when you look at a car like this, there might be cracks or breaks, so you have to pay attention to thatSuch a car costs a lot of money to repair;;
You have to check the FRP for cracks or twists.I have to rip off everything to repair the side panel, so there’s a lot of estimates.It costs at least 500,000 won
I don’t have to look at the bottom because it’s old.I think the condition of the car is good for 17 years.When the camping boom is a bit less, the camping cars pour outIf you live well at times like this, you can ride it well next spring.
If you are good with your hands at the cost of purchasing work-through vans and used camping cars, please renovate and have a nice camping experience.Go to auction to buy a used auction (consultation)

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