Hello, I’m HeymanI visited Lotte Auto Auction today.I was looking at the product last night, and it’s a Sonata, but there was a car with a starting price of 1.8 million won
Even if it’s an lpg, how is the condition of 1.8 million won? So I visited and saw the car.Look at the vehicle. I can see right away why it came out for 1.8 million won.I saw that it was a car that I was riding in kt.
The car used for emergency dispatch at kt.Looking at the mileage accurately, it was 529,000 kilometers.
But the engine was very quiet.Of course, it’s not very quietIt seemed quite quiet when I thought of a singer with 520,000 keys.And there was no assistant next to youI felt empty without the assistant^^; No matter how cheap it is, shouldn’t there be a sheet?The bolts are all underneathSo that I can put the sheet back on.
The initial registration is 2018.The auction house is closed to traffic, but it can be said that it went back and forth.It’s moving well now that’s the caseIf it’s 500,000 and it’s not maintained, the engine has to make a sound, but I think it’s managed
When I turned the scanner, it seems that this car has poor catalytic capacity and causes pollution^^;
You have to think that this is almost 90 to 120 years old.
Definitely, the Boulobai gas came up and the oil was splattered, and it was a mess.
The bubbles didn’t seem to be a problem.I can see that all the parts have been replaced at least once.The engine oil gauge is splashing like a fountain.
It was not managed at all, and I think you only managed a little bit of life support.
When I entered the car again, I could see a big hole in it, so I could see the ironing and sponging inside ;;
This is what an unmanaged car looks like.You can’t buy a car like this even for 1.8 million won It’s a car, and it smells really bad in the back And the glass must have been broken once, so you taped it in front of you; this kind of car cannot be exported and you have to go to the junkyard.
It’s a Sonata New Rise, but it looks like a Super Old Rise car.So when you look at a car, you also look at whether it’s a driving distance or a model year, and even if it’s 500,000 driving distance, it’s not too much of a problemYou need to see the administration status.As I get older, it’s a vehicle that moves only to the extent that it’s fixed here and there.I think it’d be good if you just knew that there’s a car like this.If you want to consult a good vehicle through the used car auction house, please contact us through the link below.Go for a consultation ▼

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