Hello, I’m Heyman.There are a lot of people who like campingWhen you think of camping, you can’t help but think of a car park.Personally, I couldn’t leave out the All New Carnival if I had to pick one of my favorite cars in the car.These days, there are new Carnivals, but High Limousine is the car that is continuously loved as much as the new Carnival.
Lee Ki-yong, an evaluator, won a bid for an all-new carnival high limousine vehicle this time.You came to aj selfie and saw the car and won the bid.The price difference between high limousine and regular limousine is about 17 million won.
Loop, he said he was going to pay 17 million won more for a new car because of the monitor.I personally recommend buying the old one at a lower price unless you really need it.I received it secondhand and found that the market price was about 2,700, and now you’ve won the bid around 2,370, which is definitely cheaper than the market price.
I can see the jangis, and I got a successful bid because they came to see this in person and did ok.Instead, the All New Carnival High Limousine has a chronic disease.I heard that the auto-sliding door is a bit expensive and has a lot of trouble.And I can hear a lot of noise.
The recall was the brake master cylinder vibration lake, and if you want to repair it for free, it is better not to get a bid if you cross the oil pool line
I also opened the engine cover, but I like to buy it after looking at all the conditions before winning the bid, so I’m looking carefully like this.I was able to check the turbo’s buloogas and leaks.
And the injector also checked neatly whether it was a car that had seen the hand or not.If you have a model year and you even saw the injector, it’s better. Actually, the high limousine car has an inner seat like this.You’ve modified the limousine seat only here, but is your wife on board?I’ll think about it ^^My husband drives like this, and my wife and kids watch TV or play games in the backIt’s such a nice width.And this sheet is so messy that it’s being restored.If the car arrives and there is a place to repair, you can repair it or renovate it and use it.
The last time I went to Hyundai Glovis auction house, there was a car with a car curtainCelebrities used to ride car curtains that cover the driver’s seat, and if you win a bid for a car like that, it’s a bummer Totally lol
The price of the recently released carnival is more expensive than I thought.So I bought a used high limousine and rode it aroundI think it’s good to sell it.If you want to buy a carnival, talk to our evaluators^^
By the way, this car is a nine-seater.If you don’t use the back seat, I think it’s a good idea to consider a structural change.Anyway, today we looked at all New Carnival High Limousine used vehicles
)If you want to see a vehicle like this at the auction, please contact us through the link below!​​https

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