Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, we’re going to look at Genesis g80 sports vehicles at the auction.
Looking closely at the vehicle, it was an h-track.H-track means always four-wheel, but I think it can be confusing because there are various names these days.In terms of driving safety, there were many people looking for it because it was definitely excellent, and these days, there are many vehicles, so I see a lot of other cars.However, it is not easy to find the g80 sports model.However, if you come to the auction house, you can see it often because there are many cars.You can say that sports are not good among them.The design is so pretty.The brass-colored crum on the lamp also looks pretty cool.The headlights don’t work very well, but the options are pretty good.
The wheels are also worn with bravo calipers, but I think the streetcar owner paid a lot of attention.The appearance was also clean and clean, perhaps because it was accident-free.It has pearl in it, so it has a high quality look.
The LED looks a bit unique and the design looks unique.When I checked the tire size, it was Continental.The tires themselves were expensive.This is where it’s revealed that you paid attention.And since it’s a size 275 tire, it looks good because it’s wider than SUV and 19 inches.
If you’re curious about the width of the tire, you can look at it from the bottom.At this level, the SUV is about 25, which seems much wider.
Maybe because it’s a twin muffler, it definitely feels sporty.
A trunk is not that wide or narrow, and it is a suitable capacity trunk.It feels a bit different than GenesisI was wondering if there’s anything special because it’s a sportIt does feel different in person.And this car had a lot of options.There were many options other than lane departure prevention, and it was carbon.There were a lot of things, including the remote control of the handle.
Also, there was a separate blue link.I could talk to the person in charge, move the car, and so on.
The ceiling is made of suede, but it’s hard to draw.Anyway, the inside was really clean, and when I looked at the blue link, it had a car diagnostic function, and there was a small OBD scanner.
The ceiling was also a panoramic sunroof, and it was very open.It felt like you could see the stars and the moon in the evening.
The leather material is really great, and it’s a sporty sports model than the basic Genesis, so I wanted it too.But what’s unfortunate is that I think it would have been better if I emphasized something more sporty.
I checked the Genesis G80 used sports car at the auction house.As I said, sports models don’t come out that often, so if you’re interested, please consult with our diagnostic evaluator and try itThank you! Go for an auction consultation ▼

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