Hello, I’m HeymanI came to the Auto Gallery in Yangjae-dong today.This Yangjae-dong used to be called the Mecca of imported cars.So luxury cars tend to be traded a lot here.
I came here because I heard that there is a master-class person who is the founder of car swordsmanship.
This is a place where both repair and inspection are done.
You’ve been working on auto diagnostic evaluation for almost 25 years.There wasn’t anything like this back then.He studied in Japan and got a license.
You also showed me your diesel gasoline technician license.
The most expensive car is Porsche 911 tea.They do a lot of supercar inspections, and they say they see a lot of cars that have been sued by the actual court.
When you look at the car, you can tell where to look.So, they tell us all the cars that we should not buy even though they have no insurance history.You have to be careful about direct transactions.He said he was carrying it around to see every inch of the place he couldn’t see.
When you leave the vehicle, you first see if there is a history of accidents or maintenance through the computer.
They’re going to see what the painted color plate looks like in this mirror.If Wright is like this after 18 years, we think it’s been exchanged.I can’t believe you taught me this know-how^;She looked really carefully inside and said she could see the oil leaking.
He said all dealers do this.Looking at it here, I heard that the catalyst is up.Also, please write down whether there is a continuous problem and send it to the owner.
And on the back, there is a certification sticker related to domestic formalities, and if there is no sticker, there is a high probability that there is an accident history.They’re even looking at the sticker marks.
With the vehicle diagnosis report, they read everything in detail
Please check if there’s paint in it.
If you don’t know the car, you can just look at it and see if it’s an accident or not.So, if you do business between individuals, there’s no one to trust.You’ll know right away if you leave the black tea at that time.
There are few accidents related to mufflers in imported cars.
Whether the oil was leaking or not, they opened the lower part of the body and looked at it.He was so meticulous^^;
Then this car doesn’t even have a paint on it, so I asked if it was a car I should buy, and he said I had to see the lower body.I didn’t see it before I opened it, but he said that there was something like green mold on it, but it changed color because the coolant leaked.
If you go up, you can see the coolant leaking in the back.You wouldn’t know if you didn’t open this.
He’s also going on a business trip.Also, if you come and ask me to take a look at the direct transaction between individuals, they will take a look at it.
He said that he usually looks at three types of batteries, 1. antifreeze 2. brake 3. battery, etc. as a way to know if he really took care of the vehicle.
There are various devices, so whether the PH concentration is aluminum or notLooking at all of these, you can see all the cars that you can’t buy even though they don’t have insurance history.
) If you want to get an inspection when you do super cars or personal transactions, please contact the auto gallery in Yangjae-dong^^If you have any questions about the car auction, please contact the link below!​

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