Hello, I usually recommend auction houses for large companies, but some people prefer short selling held by Onbid, an asset management corporation First, let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a vehicle here. Advantages You can buy a used car at a lower price than the market priceYou can immediately find out the operation status or the current status of the vehicle You can go and see the displayed vehicle near your house If you go to buy a used car, you will be attracted to a horse that sells it, but there is no such thing here Disadvantages * The presence or absence of an accident in the vehicle is not known accurately (lack of appraisal report) * It is better to know the car (not easy to know the condition of the vehicle) * Installment (loan) cannot be used when purchasing the vehicle * It’s a bit more cumbersome than buying it at a regular used car store. It has about this much advantage and disadvantage But for those of you who know a little bit about cars, it’s a good experience to try it at least once because it’s cheap
Basically, it is not difficult to find data on how to sign up for membership and bid, so there is no difficulty if you proceed with this by referring to other blog posts. What I’m going to talk about this time is what I need to take a picture and see if I want to buy a vehicle in real life. Once you have selected the vehicle, you can see the following screen
If you search for a vehicle, the first thing you need to see is a picture.I have to choose whether to bid for the vehicle I want through this picture. There are not many photos available or available, so when choosing a vehicle, you should go and see the sale in person if possible Unlike large auction houses, used car auctions conducted on Onbid have so few photos and other data, so if you bid for a vehicle based on the sale status on the Internet, there is a high possibility that something unexpected will happen. So it is essential to go and see the car in person. Never bid if you can’t go and see your car in person
Based on your experience of exporting used cars abroad for more than 20 years and acting as an auctioneer, it’s better to avoid cars that are outside and indoors This is because there are many cases where they are not loved by tank owners. Unlike regular home appliances, you have to always take care of your car after purchasing it.But if you don’t, the story changes. And the public sale is divided into vehicles sold by general government offices and vehicles sold by various construction companies (Water Resources Corporation, Korea Electric Power Corporation, and ** Corporation). Normally, the vehicles that we know run in the government offices are in better condition than we thought However, there are a lot of cars in these places, like ** construction, that are not as good as expected. **The distance traveled by the construction work is more than I thought. However, vehicles in general government offices often have a vehicle management register or have a fairly short mileage There are many cars like this that are accident-free cars. 2. Select a government car.
If you have chosen these cars and you like them, there is something you should do first. This is where https
Used car flooding, car recall, used car pricing (accurate than enka), and generally used car pricing are about six factors
model year, mileage, option, rating, color, accident status, and vehicle sales. If you adjust four of these variables, you can see the approximate used car market price
This gives you a direct idea of the approximate price of the vehicle you want to bid on
And if you enter the vehicle number, the government agency site already provides information on the exact price of the vehicle. In the past few years, there has been an issue of false sales of used cars, so the government has made its own system well. In this case, not only ordinary short-selling vehicles but also vehicles traded in general used car dealers can directly enter the vehicle number to determine the market price of the vehicle.
Used cars are a bit unfamiliar to the general public. How often do we sell and buy used cars? The used car distribution industry is an industry with so much information asymmetry.The government is also informing us of safe and transparent used car transactions through these sites. In fact, for a fraction of the cost, you can also check basic information about the vehicles listed at Onbead, a used car auction.Rather than going to the site without knowing anything, inspecting the vehicle and making a bid decision, it is better to bring clear necessary information through the site called Car 365. If you actually go ahead with the cost payment, you can see that it’s quite cheap
One of the things we need to keep in mind when bidding for a car at On-Bid of the Korea Asset Management Corporation, a used car auction house, is related costs. The general public may also have some difficulty in calculating this, so on the car 365 site, you can know the amount by entering a few dollars right away.
In this case, it also plays a part in preventing the fraudulent registration of used cars when purchasing used cars from a general trading company. We entered the residential area, not the rough contents, and made it possible to view all the detailed related costs. The vehicle sold by KAMCO Asset Management Corporation is not a flooded vehicle, but if you still think about it, we can immediately check whether the vehicle has been flooded through the flooded vehicle inquiry service.
If you even inquired about the information about the flooded vehicle, you can say that you did more than 90% of what you could do at the desk before you went to see the vehicle.Then lastly, the most important thing is to read the vehicle registration book. If you look at it as a person, it’s the same document as a resident registration copy, so you can know everything from the birth of the car with this one document. The minimum requirement is only the vehicle number and the name of the owner. If you look at real estate, it’s the same document as the registered copy.
If you go directly to the “Automobile Complaints Public Portal” site, you can easily print out and view the vehicle registration register at home.
I think I’ve prepared everything I need to see before I go to see the vehicle. Next, the vehicle condition is directly viewed in the field.I’ll tell you more about this in the next episode. In the case of On-Bid KAMCO, most of the vehicles are official vehicles, so the vehicle is often better managed than expected. However, in some government buildings, vehicles are often driven more harshly than you think, so you may be surprised to see them on the spot. So, the vehicles of the Korea Asset Management Corporation that hold auto auctions are almost random, but that doesn’t mean all the cars are bad, and if you get to know it correctly, it’s a place where you can buy used cars at least 10-20% cheaper than in the general used car market. In the next episode, I’ll tell you one by one how to inspect the vehicle on the spot ​

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