Hello, I’m HeymanRecently, interest rates have been rising in the U.S., and interest rates have also been rising in Korea.People in their 30s and 40s are struggling with loan interest.As a result, it has affected used cars and new cars.
That’s why the price of used cars has gone up a lot and it’s not going to drop sharply.So there’s something I’m sorry about, and the price can’t always be high in the worldIt’s supposed to fall one day, so I’m going to tell you when it’ll fall.
As I always say, the second week of November is the cheapest time for used cars.It’s called a recession.The general public wants to buy used cars in January, saying that the price of used cars must have fallen because the model year has declined, but dealers buy a lot of cars from September to October, so they sell them and prepare after that.
I don’t do outdoor activities when it gets very cold.This reduces the demand for used cars.If you go to a used car store and come to see a car from the second week of November or February next year, you’ll be able to see how much you love it^^;Moreover, you can be treated in the current economic situation.Dealers buy vehicles in advance, which are usually the most expensive from April to July.
If you go to the dealer in the second week of November, it’s really lame.Of course, if you do well on YouTube, there will be no recessionBut if you look at the general dealer and the current situation, it’s really lame until December.In mid-to-late January, there is a brief rush.It’s a consumer’s mistake, but the price must have gone down because of the model This is the time to live while doing it.Then, in February, I have to go to college or prepare for something, so there are many places to spend money, so sales are low.As a result, February is also a failure, and as it becomes March, sales slightly increase due to outdoor activities from the middle of the month.Since humans are animals, they are influenced by the weather.So the peak season continues from June to July.If you want to sell it at this time, you have to keep it from the second week of November so that you can do a great business for a year.
It’s hot in July, so people don’t come often.That’s the same. Same for used cars, they also buy a lot of cars when they’re out of business in July and August, and when it starts to cool down.Chuseok is also around, so after Chuseok, October and November are in a lull, and the second week of November is the cold season.
So, this mechanism causes used car prices to go up and down and then repeat every year.However, we expect that this year’s cold season will deepen and it will be difficult for traders.
I think that it will be difficult from now on.In addition, distribution needs to move funds, but more than half of dealers take out loans, bring in vehicles, and sell them.Recently, the financial sector has taken preemptive action in advance and has not received funding due to various problems in using inventory finance.Dealers who don’t have money can’t buy cars.Last year or the year of production, if it’s cheap, we’ll call! So I set it up to sell it.But it’s a very difficult situation because there’s nothing like this this year.In this situation, the auction house is similarRecently, the winning bid has been falling exponentially.
If you analyze the Enka price and the winning bid, you can see that the price is really cheapI bought an expensive car from August to September, and if I buy it from the second week of November, I buy it at a low price, so there is a gap between prices.That’s why dealers are taking care of the price? That’s not trueThat’s why there’s a big difference between Enka and the auction.
So if you’re considering the cheapest time to buy a used car, please try it at the wholesale market in the second week of November.I want to tell you that if you buy it now, you can buy it at a really good price.Go to auction for vehicle consultation ▼youtu.be/zlN044grkj8

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