Hello, I’m HeymanToday, I’m going to talk about the car camping mattress that I’ve used for those who like it!That Hayman has been doing a lot of mess since he was criticized 15 years ago.
So I know a little bit about car camping, but I think the most important thing in car camping is the mat.Usually, the first thing you buy when you think of mats is a square sleeping bag.
I used a square sleeping bag, but there was no cushion at all, so my back hurt a lot when I slept.And the one you can easily access was the air mat.This air mat gets harder with a lot of air.
After that, I bought a foam mat that costs about 20,000 won, but he also had a strange ache and pain.When I used to criticize, I used to use an air mat.There are feathers or goose down inside, so it’s really warm.
However, it is okay to maintain the cushion to a certain extent because the cold does not come up.That’s why you use a lot of memory foam.Now that latex comes out, you don’t use the old ones often…!
But the forms that come out these days are good.It has good resilience, and there are many good products…!But it’s not as good as the original latexSo if you use memory foam, it feels like your body is completely taken out and sucked inIf you sleep incorrectly, your back might hurt.
In conclusion, the number one mattress I bought was the latex mattress sold at Costco.
It was a quilted mattress that felt cool on the top and warm on the bottom because it felt like velvet.Another good thing is that Costco can be returned if you don’t like it, so if you don’t like it, you can buy it and return it^^
It is said that people feel the most fluffy about 7cm.And I heard that if you contact the air, it can get harder and break, but personally, I think you’re good at using it even before it breaks
Memory foam and sponge turn off well because of poor resilience, but latex is good because of its resilience.Also, latex and memory foam sponges are weak against heat, so be careful because the material deteriorates when you apply the electric pad.
Mojave is up to 90cm tall, 110cm wide, 2m long, so the best size was super singleIn fact, the latex car park mat was so flexible that it was a little higher than the foam mat.It was nice to use the soft side of velvet in the winter, as well as the dark feeling of mattresses in the summer.
Also, even though it is an original latex, the cushion is properly supported and it is nice You can just peel the outside and wash it!I haven’t experienced it yet, but there are other latex mattresses in IKEA.But there’s only latex foam that you have to be careful about, so if it’s too soft, your back can hurtIt doesn’t hurt your back if you have something that supports you from the bottom. I think it’s worse if you go for healing and your energy goes out^^ That was the review of the car mattress
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