Hello, I’m HeymanI came to a junkyard in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do today.
In general, car manufacturers that we know are open for smooth purchase of partsSo it’s not a brand-run place, but it’s a common thing that regular carcenters buy accessories to fix their carsBut only two brands have different strategiesIt’s really hard for Maserati and Tesla to get accessories
So customers who bought Tesla have to go to the center no matter what!
In Korea, there are 8 places where Tesla can be repaired? That’s the only way.
But I heard from someone I know that there is someone who collects Tesla…!I came here because I was curious about why you’re collecting it and where you’re going to use them
I heard that you are preparing to sell related accessories by collecting Tesla cars like this.This is a Tesla car.
The airbags are all broken and the sides are torn to see if it’s aluminum.
There seemed to be quite a few parts available in the front.
The back car is also a Tesla.The bottom of the support panel was broken and pushed in.You looked shocked.
I think the purpose was to recycle things like side mirrors, loops, and doors.Looking at Tesla like this, I was curious about Tesla even before…!They say that they’re going to film with Giga Press.This part was taken with giga press, and there were holes, and you can see that it was taken like this and shaped the whole thing.
Even if there is a slight accident in the back, half of the car floor has to be replaced.How much is the price burden?In fact, Tesla seems to be safe, but you have to think that there’s only one iron plate here.Tesla doesn’t always mean it’s safeLooking at the internal structure, yes.The front is all empty, and there is a side that is fortunate not to take a press shot, and it is unfortunate that the parts are not separately opened, but if you want to sell it, it would be good to do it separately on the side.
I think I already bought a light in front of this car.When this side of the aluminum is bent, it is sometimes pulled and used, but anyway, you have to prepare a lot for the front impact.
As you can see, Tesla has the disadvantage of having to repair the entire rear floor in case of a major rear accident, and it is difficult to get parts.So I think you can save money if you buy parts from these people and leave them to repair them.If you want to buy a vehicle through a car auction, please contact us through the link below.​​

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