Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, I came out to check the vehicle of the person who asked for direct transaction of used cars.
There are many cases where direct transactions of used cars are ridiculously reduced in the case of applications.When Hayman helps direct transactions, the evaluator will come forward to thoroughly check and notify the vehicle’s performance without a single lie.
We have evaluators Lee Sung-yeol and Kang Young-il in Heyman, who are both evaluators but also have a technician certificate.That’s why they check the car more professionally than anyone else.
The vehicle you requested for direct transaction of a used car was Orlando.I saw that there are many places to repair, so I’m worried about whether I can make a direct transaction or not.
In the case of this vehicle, there was a replacement of the front panel of the passenger seat, the inside panel was checked, and the side plate was checked.They didn’t replace the Bonnet
If a nationally recognized diagnostic evaluator makes a mistake in the inspection vehicle, it will lead to a huge financial loss, so we take a very, very close look.I think there was an accident aheadBut they say it’s amazing how the Bonnet hasn’t been replaced.Haha
Usually, if you ride a car for a long time, there will be a lot of car accidents here and there like now.
There are cars that are difficult to check for accidents depending on the type of car when conducting direct transactions for used cars.As I said, this vehicle was an Orlando vehicle, and I saw it because I received a direct transaction inquiry, and when others gave me a direct transaction inquiry, the diagnostic evaluator helped me inspect the vehicle and connected it directly to the person who wants to buy it.
These days, it’s been repaired so well that it’s a lot of trouble when checking for accidents^^
I also checked the accident history of about 15 million won.
The most important thing when making direct transactions for used cars is the accurate notification of the vehicle condition.It’s up to you to decide.
This vehicle needs to be discussed with the customer due to a number of accidentsIn this way, Hayman plays a role in connecting only in the middle after a thorough inspection.
Still, Orlando thought it would be okay to buy it if you wanted to ride it lightly through a direct sale of used cars in a garage with good cost-effectivenessOf course, we notify you of any accidents, so as I told you, you are the one to judge^^ So if you need a personal used car direct transaction, please contact us after using the Hayman direct transaction consultation below
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