Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, we are going to visit a wholesale repair shop specializing in BMW and Mercedes-Benz automobiles that customers don’t know about.
Samjeong Auto Mission is usually known through rumors or the service center sometimes tells you.
You can think of it as a foreign car mission, a TC, or a differential restaurant that even used car dealers who have been doing for decades do not know.
You can think of it as the only place in Korea that directly repairs TCUs for foreign cars.
If you remove the TCU from the mission house and repair it, you can charge the cost as if you fixed it.
In the case of BMW, this accessory costs millions of won to repair.It is said that there are a lot of problems in the four-wheel drive and the distinction.
There are many X-drive vehicles these days, and there are many problems like chronic diseases in those vehicles.It doesn’t look like it’s going to be that hard.I was wondering why it’s not possible in general manufacturing, so I asked.
It costs millions of won for this accessory.The side where the spline part is connected was broken.I think the production itself is wrong.It costs a lot of money because of money.
He said that this part suddenly causes cars not to leave on the highway or something like that.
That’s why the gear is crushed and broken, and they took measures to prevent it from going back to Bang Bang.And it’s said that there’s no separate restoration in here.So this is the product that I developed, and they made it stronger than the new product and heat treatment was completely different.It’s a method of using a strong material and replacing it with a developed product so that this part will never be damaged.This is also a damaged part.They were selling this part so that I could process it and use it again.
As you develop it one by one, I joked that you might make a BMW later on^^;BMWX drives and other parts of the drive are causing problems.If you go to the center and do this, it usually costs about 400 won, and there is a yoke attached, but if you give it a new one, there is no yoke, so if you exchange it all, the estimate will be about 8 million won.But here, you can repair it for about a quarter of the price and replace it.He was guaranteed up to 10,000 kilos every six months.
If you have any concerns about BMW manufacturer defects or components, please visit Samjeong Auto Mission.If you would like to see the vehicle at the auction, please contact us via the link below

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