Hello, I’m Heyman.Shouldn’t Hayman also prepare for Hyundai Motor’s entry into used cars in earnest?That’s what I thought.The price of Carnival has dropped a lot since the new model came outSo, you can buy a carnival for about 1,500 to 2,000 won, but if you put in a high, the price range goes up sharply.
Limousines are the most common and the vehicle is in better condition than expected.You can buy this car only if you give it to 2,500 people, and it’s oiled to display it.Consumers prefer these cars to vendors.
It’s good if the high limousine uses this and that a lot.But this car is decorated Haha, this is the case when you sometimes grab something at an auction.If you do this with a limousine sheet, it costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t pay me at my price, so I don’t have to pay more at the auction
It’s a car with a driving distance of about 70,000 and the management condition is very good.For your information, the car in the back is the Carnival High Limousine
When you go to buy a carnival, you must open the sliding door at least five times.Let me open the back seat.
The bottom is made of carpet.The sheet color is dark brown. Let me startLet’s see if it works
As you lower it, you can lower the back seat all the way down.The sheets all go down like a bed.
When you raise all your legs, it turns into a really comfortable place to rest.
If this system is possible, I think it would be better to lie comfortably in the back seat than to lie comfortably in the passenger seat.
If it’s like this, I think it’s really good to stay in the car.
There is a reason why High Limousine has no choice but to have a difference of 5 million won from the general one.
The back is really clean because the car is well maintained!
The back seat can be made into a complete bed, so I think it’s perfect for a car ride.
I think it’s a carnival high limousine that’s good to go back and forth with your family because of its large space.
Even if a new design is released, it is not a design that comes out.There are people who want to design the current carnival center fasciana, and it’s old enough! There are a lot of people saying that.
There’s a reason why the price has to be cheaper at the auction.Some of the dealers will definitely give you a high scoreEventually, it will be chosen as a price competition by market logic.Did you know that Carnival High Limousine had this function?If you would like to consult a vehicle like this, please contact us through the link below.To participate in the auction

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