Hello, I’m HeymanToday, I came to the auction house to see a used New Beatle car
New Beatle Used is a vehicle that many old car enthusiasts are looking for, and this vehicle was also in 2008.How much does a car with such an old-fashioned keystroke cost at auction houses?Actually, when I first saw this car, I really wanted to buy it.Personally, I think the durability and completeness of the vehicle are good.If you think it was discontinued in 2019, it has its merit.
But these days, there are so many cars as good as used New Beatle cars.I think that’s why I see a lot of other cars instead of old cars.The design itself looks like a toy ^^ The interior was better than I thought.
In 2010-2011, vehicles came out as The Beatles, not New Beatles.But that car was so vague…We can buy this car for 1 to 2 million won at the auction.I started the engine and drove a little bit, and it’s going to work very well.
For your information, this car is not currently distributed in Korea, but is distributed overseas.In Korea, old cars… I don’t pursue itAnd looking at the places I had to change, I had to change my headlights.It’s a foreign car, so I think it’ll be strong, but it’s not as strong as I thought^^
I think he did a lot of repairs here and there.I don’t think he was a person who knew cars well and cared about them.But personally, it looked good both in design and space utilization.There was also a sunroof, and it felt like it was a little open.Anyway, like the used New Beetle of 2008, the car felt like plastic, but the iron plate side was very thick.The leather sheet was made of material that seemed to rip apart over time.
bmw’s leather material is configured well even if it is over 20 years old, but I think the cost of the car has been reduced a lot when making it.And what was surprising was that the dashboard was long, almost 7 to 80 centimeters long.
You might think it’s a light car, but it’s a used New Beatle that doesn’t actually belong to a light car.And it says Volkswagen on the audio, and it’s cute, but it still makes a good sound.
The durability and performance of the Volkswagen were great, but the trunk was really cramped.I think it’s right to drag the New Beatle secondhand with an old car vibe, not an economical one or something like that Haha
Used New Beetle that can create its own color. Now it’s discontinued in 2019, so I can’t buy a new car.Even now, there are people who live in the range of 1 million won at the cost of almost scrap cars, but there aren’t many, so they go abroad a lot
For your information, if you’re not an old car enthusiast when you buy a used car, it’s best not to buy more than 200,000 carsCars over 200,000 can be hard to know the source and hard for individuals to control.
I also saw the case of buying it for 1 million won and sending it to the junkyard. It’d be better if only manias watched it15 years ago, the New Beatle is now a vehicle that has fallen to 1 million won.I’m a bit disappointed.If you want to buy a used car or a cheap car like this, please contact the following counselors!I’m kindly helping you with your answer.To apply for a consultation

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