Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, I’m going to tell you what you must know when you go to buy a car.
When you go to see a car, when you open the oil cap in the engine room, you must check for black smoke or white smoke.If you see black smoke, I think you should do boring!You can say that.
In fact, many people don’t know how black smoke comes out of the oil cap.The mechanics say that you need to replace it, so they do it more often.So I’m going to talk a little bit more about this problem, and I’m going to figure out how to solve it.
In conclusion, you can think of this problem as a result of the dong washer, which is inserted in 90% of the injectors.Diesel engines are quite vibrating.In addition, when the injector is plugged into the head, it shakes a lot, which can lead to black smoke due to high-pressure explosions.This is what happens because the East Washer has a separate life span.
And the reason the injectors are not good is because of the majority of the oil.There are times when the injector is not good, except for the oil.So when you go to buy a car, if you leave the oil cap open and smoke comes out, you can think of it as a problem for most of the East Washers in the injector.Of course, you have to come to Dong-A to replace itYou might think that.However, it is not as easy to replace it alone as I thought.In the case of Ssangyong Motor, it may be better not to try because the injector does not come out easily!
Even though there is no problem, you don’t have to intentionally pull out all of them and replace them one by one.If you see a problem or if you see Bulovygas, you can watch it once in a while.
This is a good content for exporters and used car owners to know.If you ask the technician why the gas comes out, they may answer that they should change the East Washer first rather than boring.
There are even some people who lost the copper washer because it was rotten, and there are cases where the air goes in because of the pressure of the explosion and breaks through the injector.
So it’s good for you to know from now on that the injector dong washers are important!It’s more important, especially in diesel engines.Then, I will come back with good information next time.If you wish to participate in the auction, please click the link below for priority consultationTo participate in the auction

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