Hello, I’m HeymanToday, we’re going to talk about the all-new carnival’s nine-seater used car.In the case of All New Carnival and The New Carnival, the price range is more fluctuating than expected.Also, if you have an option for a regular carnival, it’s quite expensive.
However, I prefer to have an option because it is convenient to drive with.So even if you take it into account and you don’t have some options, if you say it’s okay, the price doesn’t go that high.The customer who won the bid for this car was also familiar with the all-new carnival 9-seater vehicle.
I think you’re quite wise to say that you bought it despite the dirty exterior and defects.But… If you look closely at Carnival, it’s a vehicle with chronic diseases.It’s because the motor part, which is a chronic disease, breaks down easily.If you repair it lightly, it costs about 150,000 won, and if you look at it in more detail, it can cost up to 500,000 won.
To be honest, used cars may not work tomorrow, even if it is okay today.Can I get a bid if the appearance is messy?That’s what you might think.Still, when I asked why you won the bid, you knew quite well about the car.Looking inside like this, I’m really bare faced.This is what happens when you bid for a car at an auctionYou can see what it looks like before it’s commercialized.This is why some people say it’s dirty, and that’s why auction cars are cheap.It may be difficult to see your bare face because the vendor has finished cleaning the room.And this car smelled a little bit, and if you’re winning the bid and you think it smells like cigarettes, you can pop a fumigation can or something.You’ve won a bid for less than 20 million won, so you’re riding well.
And I asked if there were people who would buy a carnival for 15 million won in Tada.However, at that time, new Carnivals were continuously coming out, and I think it’s a good idea to just buy an old Carnival when the price of a new car goes down.
All New Carnival 9 used cars used as camping cars or mobile business vehicles.In particular, in the case of Carnival, if a new car comes out, the price range can be sufficiently reduced to less than 15 million won.Of course, if you don’t have an option, you can buy it cheaper.
g80 cars alone had a lot of claimsSo you can see just by looking at the case where there were many people looking for the old g80.Carnival cars are the same.If the design and the basics change, it’s one of the best ways to buy the old one a little cheaper.Also, when it comes to practicality, the design is appropriate, and the interior is really appropriate, and I thought it was good.
When I opened the inside, it seemed that I didn’t have to use a high rope or anything like that because of the openness.Also, used cars cost less than 20 million won, and I thought it was ridiculous to say that it was around 10 million won.
So if you want to see an all-new carnival used car for nine people or want to buy it without any burden, we recommend an auction house.The auction house is about 10% cheaper, and there is no false sale, so don’t worry and consult through the link below
) To participate in the auction

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