Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, we’re going to talk about hydrogen cars.
When we buy a car and drive, accidents can happen unintentionally.Sometimes there are big accidents.
Despite some accidents, there is a car that needs to be scrapped because it cannot be repaired, and it is a hydrogen car called Nexo.
Usually, when a car is scrapped, it is sold overseas or certain parts are removed for recyclingBut strangely, this car costs 70 million won, but even the junkyard doesn’t want it.
This is the hydrogen car Nexo.This car has been canceled for export, but funnyly, no one else is driving it overseas.Because this is a hydrogen car!There is some hydrogen in Korea, but there is not much hydrogen abroad in general.So when he comes into the junkyard, it’s a big headache.
And because it’s a hydrogen car, it’s harder to dismantle than a regular electric car or an internal combustion engine car.So this junkyard I visited has a lot of snack bars, right?Why do I have it? I turned around because I was curious.
NEXO.. There’s one hydrogen car here, and if you look at it all the way up to six.Why are there so many Nexo?It’s not even a car that’s been 10 years, but there’s a reason why I came to the junkyard a lot
What’s unique about Nexo is that there were no rear accidents, but all of them were front accident vehicles.The front was completely dented.It’s aluminum on top!It looks like he had to scrap the car because he ate a lot because of an accident.If you buy this much in Korea, you can actually open it.Well, this car had a big accident, but it was scrapped right awayIt’s just a general accident.Why are you in the junkyard?The main frame is all alive, and only the lager is out, but the car is scrapped.
In practice, even if one house is blown away, it is often repaired.
Bumper damage, trunk damage, and whiteboard leads were alive in the back.
This car is also Nexo, and although the accident on the road is not good, the inside was all alive.
In fact, in the case of Inexo, honestly, there is no catalyst and the battery is small from the standpoint of the junkyard.I never like it because it’s too much work to break up and break up.But this junkyard, your mind… He’s very combative. He’s got all these carsI’m sometimes called a senior ^^;I don’t think any of the commissars are happy with a Nexo car. When I looked at why they collected it, they did experiments and tests to make use of semi-industrial waste somehow.
This is the hydrogen tank that goes into Nexo.How strong is the film in this tank? The horse is strong.There’s a video I saw a while ago, and I heard that a typical drone has a maximum flight time of 30 minutesBut I heard that the drone made by Doosan flies for a few hours.It was possible somehow, but he was implemented in a way that, like Nexo, he used hydrogen to generate electricity and run drones with generated electricity.
I also saw parts that could generate electricity for hydrogen.
So, you were always trying new challenges in your research to become a competitive junkyard.If you’re riding Nexo, you can come here and buy parts if you need them^^ Nexo says that even if an accident occurs in the common sense that we know, the company cannot repair the vehicleSo when you do insurance…I think I’m going through the process of scrapping cars.So when you buy a hydrogen car, you have to be careful.Go to used car auction consultation https

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