Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, a subscriber from Busan won a bid for a used sportage vehicle, so we’re going to talk about it while looking at it.
You said you’ve been looking for a car for four months, but you didn’t know the details until then.You’ve been to about five trading companies.In the end, he bought it at a low price of about 2 million won at the auction house.
To be exact, I think you saved about 1.5 million won by purchasing about 10% cheaper.I personally think that you bought a sporty used vehicle because you thought it was developing continuously, so you bought it well.It’s a vehicle that used to go to places like Africa.
When the design of this vehicle first came out, I thought it was a concept car.The design was that cute.However, when you buy a used car, there are many variables, so it is better to consider it.
The five options are the model year and range accident color options.Also, you have to see if it’s a car with a lot of sales.I usually buy a lot of cars from March to May, but it’s not like that these days.
If there is no sale, the price range will rise slightly.Still, this vehicle was the most sold single car in Kia.
When the commercial first appeared in 2014, it was a real shock.Of course, now I wonder why^^; Still, I recommend you to go anywhere, whether it’s Encar, before you buy a used car.If you go to Bobaedream, you can find out where the defects are. Also, if you go to Autowave Cafe, you can find all the parts about sports maintenance.Then you can find out where the most maintenance was done.Lastly, the Sportage Club.There is no big issue or disadvantage when you go to a club, but a few years ago, air conditioner powder was the issue.
And this subscriber was very wise to buy a used sportage.If you look closely, there was a fenda exchange, but even if you take care of insurance because it’s a little scratched, it goes into an accident, so you have to pay attention to this.
There is no major problem with vehicles with no mainframe injuries.I just don’t feel good^^; Still, it was 2017 and it was 30,000 kilograms, so you don’t have to worry too much.
In the case of regular vehicles, something starts to come out when the number of cars exceeds 100,000.And if you don’t know about cars that exceed 200,000, it’s better not to buy them.It would be nice to ride 150,000 and get more than 200,000 while fixing it, but if the owner of the tram didn’t manage it at 200,000 itself, it would be disappointing.
I think it would be good to buy a car like this to polish and remove dirt.You can see if you sit down and take a look at the sheet metal, but I’m very satisfied because I think you bought it after seeing that.
In the case of the original paint, the paint from the factory is different, but the repair paint melts.So those who know it prefer the principle
In particular, our subscribers are satisfied with their purchase after checking thoroughly in advance.
If you’re in your late 20s or mid 30s, buying a sporty car is a good idea.But if you have a baby, you’d better look at a bigger car.
You came all the way here from Busan, took the auction twice, and now you’ve won the car you want.If you wish to participate in the auction, please contact us at the link below​​

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