Hello, I’m Heyman.Camping in the winter! I think there are a lot of people who think of it right away.As the beauty of camping in winter rises again, many camping cars appear at the auction house.There were many different types of camping cars, and what we saw today was the Grand Starex camping car.
I personally think it’s really good to buy a camping car at this time of year.Camping cars are actually expensive, but they are not recognized for their value as used cars, so the loss is quite high when they are sold.First, I’m looking inside, and there’s sunlight up there, and there’s wood insideIt was the internal structure of a similar case.
It’s good to buy a camping car after a long time like nowIf you buy a camping car at an auction house, you can’t cheat because there’s no false sale, so you can find out more.I think the camping boom is getting stronger^^ So it was not easy to get a camping car at the auction house at first.In particular, camping cars have a large margin.The rotation cycle itself is not fast, so if there is a camping car stuck in a used car, it is trying to leave a lot of margin.But interestingly, there are so many camping cars in modern times.Surprised
Personally, Grand Starex comes to mind first when I think of camping cars.There are comments saying which car is good, but I personally think the Grand Starex camping car is the last one.
If it’s too big, it’s uncomfortable to go around.So if you use it in real life and find something suitable, Grand Starex is good.
This Grand Starex camping car feels so new that I don’t know if it’s an individual or a dealerI feel like the owner of the car paid a lot of attentionI painted it.(The paint wasn’t pretty of course)
If you look inside the camping car, you can see how much the owner of the car loved itI can see that this car hasn’t been burned much since the renovation, and the passenger seat is solid
This box is a storage space, but the structure is well connected.The ceiling is embossed and soundproof.
It was cost-effective and decorated insideWhen I looked at my laptop, at my daily work, and at the movies, I looked good.
There is also an LCD, so I made it easier for the people behind me to see.
If you turn this on, you can also use the battery.
I think you might have wondered if you could sell it because it’s a waste of money.There is a non-motor heater, and the lights, refrigerator, TV, etc. are all worked on.The ceiling wasn’t cheap at all
There’s a lot of storage space, too!
I think it’s better economically and in time to buy something decorated than decorating a camping car.It’s really comfortableThere is also a microwave, so I think I can eat frozen food a little more comfortably.You put a lot of effort into itThis is a sink.What’s good about these vehicles is that they don’t have that much reduction even if you get a bid and sell them for about a yearHyundai Glovis auction is a wholesale marketSo, if you get a bid for a car like this, you can sell it close to the amount you bought even if you ride it for a year and sell it again.
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