Hello, I’m HeymanToday, one of our diagnostic evaluators won the Grandeur hg used vehicle and came to see it.
When I asked evaluator Lee Sung-yeol, he said that he got a bid because the color was so cool and it was hard to get.
It’s 2014 and it’s about 80,000 cars, but I thought it was good for the price, so they brought it to give it to subscribers as an event
Interestingly, there are not many scratches even though the mileage is 80,000.It was interesting, but when I looked at the tires, they were really neat without any wheel scratches
There was a slight dent, but I needed to repair it.I could see the door a little bit by bit.
The lower part of the staff was slightly distorted, but it looked a little ambiguous rather than being scratched.Still, I can’t see this much lower part, so I can ride it around, and the rear tire is clean.
In the case of the back bumper, there was a living condition and the back Taylor was not seen soundly, like gold or broken.But there was a jade t-shirt in the backThis is a 6-7-year-old difference, so you have to think of tinting as consumables.I think I should do it again^^;
I can see a little bit of it in the back!
I think it’s better to paint the bottom.I could see that it was peeled off a little bit.
Let’s take a look at the engine!
In order to work as a evaluator, I have to take care of all the recalls.It’s because we have to clearly identify the parts where there are defects and problems.That’s why the evaluator has seen all the records of the recall.The sound of the engine is so good!
The handle itself was a bit comfortable to use.It wasn’t enough to cover it.There was also a separate memory sheet.Also, the grade was modern, but it was not high, but there were memory sheets and heating sheets separately.
There’s also a navy. There’s also a black boxTo be honest, if you find a black box at the auction, you really caught it.Well, there were rear cameras and high passes.
The internal management was so cleanIt was hard to say it was a 2014 car.
The seat in the back seat needs to be restoredI thought I could pay about 100,000 won
Evaluator Lee Sung-yeol usually doesn’t recommend cars, but he really liked the car.
In the case of large car white, he said it was a very valuable sale.But you were lucky, and you got the feeling, and you got a successful bid
The price of the white Grandeur hg vehicle is the price of the dealer.So, sometimes this event for Heyman subscribers is given at the price that dealers buy.You can just think of the vehicle as being treated by a specialist.We’re going to let you off as much as possible
) I don’t think it’s expensive if you check every corner of the car, but the inspection fee is an option, so you just have to choose.If you wish to consult about other Grandeur hg used vehicles, please contact us through the link below!Go to consult ▼

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