Hello, I’m HeymanWhat’s unique about Heyman subscribers is that there are more people involved in new cars or used cars than regular individuals!
There were more people involved in car parts and recyclables than I thought.As a result, it was not easy to talk only for consumers.So today, I’m going to share some good tips for dealersThese days, you buy a lot of cars through my car sales app
But if you buy it at a place like this, there’s an accident with a few pictures We talk like this.
But there’s a competition for the price of the vehicle, so we’re gradually raising the gap and calling itBut if you try to force yourself to reduce the price, the customer service center will call you.
So I was worried because it was a little ambiguous for ordinary consumers to know.
First, when you check the insurance history rather than whether there are actual accidents, cars with more accidents are naturally reduced.It’s good to target these vehicles.
If you go to the customer and open it, it might have been painted on the door or the sheet metal, so you can point it out accurately on the spot and tell them.
I don’t know what kind of car you bought by showing your insurance history, but it’s costed! This can work well.
Good vehicles within the second five years.When purchasing these vehicles, you can take two kinds of equipment and use them.The first two are coating meters.Second is the scanner I bought from AliExpress.
This scanner has more than 200 self-diagnosis results.You can bite this scanner.Of course, we need to ask for your understanding.You have to test it and tell them that it can be reduced because there shouldn’t be any defects.
If the dealer repairs it, it costs less than the average person repairing it, so it can be saved.And this film measuring instrument is a machine that can determine if the vehicle is painted or sold for more than 15 million won.My car has had a lot of accidents, so the figure goes up to 500.
In the case of high-end vehicles, you can try to reduce the price by 1 to 3 million won accordingly.Depreciation varies from customer to customer.There are people who take 100,000 won out of this, and they can take 500,000 won out, so it could change.
You can use these two more efficiently than you thinkIf you buy a car and a problem occurs there, you will lose a lot of money, so it is better to carry it around to prevent it from happening.Also, I recommend it because it’s important to know how to handle these things in order to make them look more professional.
This will make it cheaper for used car dealers to buy a car.
If you want to buy a used car at auction, please click the link below to ask questions.​

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