Hello, I’m Heyman.These days, you’ve been contacting me a lot about how to sell my car.So the best option for you to sell used cars is… Actually, I don’t have itI think the best thing is that I know used cars well and sell them.
Still, I’m glad I have the most accessible car selling app recently.
But you should also know how to sell cars at places like this in advance.If the person who spent the highest amount comes, there is no need to subtract the amount if the amount is more than the first photo you took.A junior I know told me not to take out the money, but maybe it’s because the dealer was in business, but he took it with a reduction of 500,000 won.
So if your car is a suv from 2018 to 2021, I recommend you to upload it to Enka.Enka is not only seen by domestic dealers, but now by buyers around the worldI usually take the 2018~21 type suv from Russia, Dubai, etc. like crazyI heard there are a lot of cars in Enka right now.It didn’t sell because there was an accident, but it still remains to be sold.Until now, many of these cars went to South America, but recently, the situation in South America has gotten worse, so they go to Azerbaijan and other countries
Actually, you can post the suv after 07~13 years on Enka, but I recommend the auction house
Hyundai Glovis has a good system, and if it’s an auto bell, it’s good enough for individuals to auctionIf you upload it on such a place, it’s more expensive than my car selling app.There are many cars exported these days.So don’t sell it to dealers, I recommend you to sell my car at the auction house of a large company I recommend.
Typically, exporters buy through new and used car dealers.However, if a car comes out at the auction house, you can buy the car yourself, so you can sell it comfortably without a new car or used car dealer.Exporters rather love these pure vehicles Haha
Sometimes I leave right away without a new car.I don’t bring a car like this to myself, so I rarely bump into it.When you ask the delegates to take the car out of 10 to 30 and we tell them to go.
buy 40,000 cars in 20 yearsAs a result, you can see the status of a used car by just looking at it
) When you buy a used car, the dealer of a used car never buys an expensive one!Since it is a structure that leaves a margin when selling and leaves a margin when buying it, evaluators do not buy vehicles as much as possible when conducting an auction.
So I recommend Hyundai and Lotte K-Car aj Selfies, which are honest auction houses for large companies.
Rather than selling it through my car selling app, I recommend you to display it at Enka, Auto Bell, and auction house.Where to go for my car sales consultation ▼

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