Hello, I’m Heyman.I’m here to watch the 2004 BMW z4 for those who are watching old cars.This car is about 190,000 kilometers long, and you’ve never had an accident and it’s really well managed.
In the case of an old car, it’s good for only enthusiasts to buy it.But the starting price is lowThis car was also priced at 5.9 million won.As you can see from the appearance, it’s very clean and it’s pretty obvious that it’s this age, but it’s not that obvious.I think they painted it.
When I saw it, the tires were in great condition and the wheels felt like forged wheels.BMW mark is always pretty.In the case of appearance, it is well maintained to the point that it is close to perfect.[Voiceover] The rear wheels are magnificent, and it’s a pretty small car, and it’s amazing to be able to show this.
I don’t know who the owner of the car was, but it’s very good to take care of it
) And I saw the muffler, and it’s not a regular muffler, but an exhaust muffler. It’s neatly colored, too.
Looking at the back seat, it seemed to show the charm of z4.I wonder if this car will come out the same even if it is sold after riding it for about 5 years.Of course, there’s no sign of timeYou can replace those little by little.
In the case of a hard top, water often leaks from the bent part.There are problems such as wind noise, but there is no spot top.
When I opened the passenger’s door and entered, I realized that it was an old car.When you look at the sheet, the cracks need to be replaced.In order to take care of things like this early on, you need to apply Vaseline Lotion Usually
If you give about 150,000 won to both sides, you can restore them by sprinkling anemall.Oh, and this is a two-seater car. Four people can’t ride it
Since it’s been a while, I think it would be good to restore the front as well.That’s the charm of riding an old carAnd there’s also a space for CDs in the backThere’s a speaker in the back. I think the echoes are no joke because of Woofer
Overall, the vehicle is in excellent condition compared to the year.The engine is good and the handle is leather, so it feels old, but I think it’ll be cool if you restore itThere were a lot of options
I have nothing to say if you say old cars are old. Of courseYou can say that you want to get drunk on the taste of old cars.
Instead, you should look at the trunk and engine before buying an old car.I looked at the engine room, and there’s no oilOf course, there was a bit of oil on the mission, but that’s okay.When I start the engine, I can catch it loudly.
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