Hello, I’m HeymanI’m at Hyundai Glovis auction today.
Recently, at the auction house, I was informed that there were a large number of vehicles that were hard to see in regular enka.So I took a look at the cars that have not been submitted yet.This is the Sihwa auction house.
All of these cars are electric cars, but all of them are on display this time.
It will be displayed after parking and checking.These days, there are more electric vehicle transactions, so chargers are everywhere.
Generally, the interior of the room is a dark gray tone that Hayman hates, but this car is a cream seat tone.
Soulev I bought the previous electric car instead of the completely new one, and I was very satisfied.If you compare the new model and the old ev, it doesn’t look much different in design.
This car has quite a few options.It’s an electric car, and it’s a vehicle with a mileage of about 19,000km.
There is also a sunroof!It looks too much, but I’m sure a lot of people will like it^^
The interior seat itself feels like it’s been displayed, so it feels like I haven’t driven itI don’t know where I got this car in bulk, but it’s in great condition.
In fact, the soul vehicle is not popular because it has a hatchback style, but it was a big hit in the United States!
So for a while, the exporters were fighting and going crazy.Only one is dark gray and the rest is white soulv.
There are cars that used to ride on kt, and cars that came out of a large number somewhere come out well.It looks like a tiny pepper, but it looks strong.It’s not wood grain, it’s hyroxy, so it feels good overall.
There is a big difference between black and white seats.If possible, it’s better for you to buy white than black when you sell a car.
I don’t know how much the auction starts, but I’m sure it’s cheaper than the retail price anyway.This is an auction house, and I have no choice but to buy it cheaply.That’s the only way to sell it Dealers, too
This is a charging terminal, and it just opens with your hands
When used car dealers win an auction, they only commercialize it by polishing or cleaning the room.
Until last year, it was hard to see electric cars at Hyundai auction house, but this year, it’s increasingNiro and Kona are coming out.
Usually, if you get a successful bid and go up to Enka, you can see if it was a rental carIt’s hard to know.But it’s so nice to see the auction house before it’s commercialized.
There’s also a twig in between.Twizzies are usually auctioned off around 240-300.
There is Ioniq and there are many kinds of electric cars.There’s also a car offered by President River here.They usually target Dubai or Jordan.
The dealer doesn’t think so, but only the general public say that the auction house is more expensive because ^^..There’s also a hydrogen car called Nexo.Maybe it’s because it’s an eco-friendly car.There aren’t many charging stations, so it’s hard to recommendThe price range of Nexo is much lower than that of regular electric vehicles.The price drops dramatically because you have to know a certain amount of hydrogen cars to buy them.
I think it will not be long before electric cars in 50s to 100s, not 10s to 20s.
Also, a week later, I came back to Hyundai Glovis Sihwa Auction House, and there were a lot of electric cars.
I heard Tesla was auctioned off last time and came out again.If you want to see so many electric vehicles and used cars, you can consult at the auction house.Go to auction consultation ▼

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