Hello, I’m HeymanI came to a place called Motomaru today, and the reason I came here is to find the 18cm hidden in the carnival!I’ll tell you what it’s about right away.A friend of mine once looked into it for about a week and did the Emperor’s Chabak Sheet here.If you find this 18cm, you can feel great satisfaction.I’ve always been interested in car seats, so I extended the rail this time.
Actually, to extend the rail, I use a lot of cutting rails, but it takes a lot of time because I have to have this and that.I decided to just leave it up to renovation because it costs money.
Of course, I used to play Heyman a lot when I was in my 20s, but these days, leaving it in charge of cost-effectiveness and efficiency are good.And in the case of renovating the carnival rail, it is about 400,000 won, but if you bring the rail, it is also possible for 300,000 won.
After doing this, I was very satisfied.Why didn’t I do it at this cost?That’s what I thought. It was so nice to have more space inside.
I’m going to extend this long, but I couldn’t because of what’s behind me.So I decided to extend the front part by extending it further.
This is the rail that goes into the nine-seater seat, and I was lucky to get these two.
You said that the two rails will be thrown away altogether, and the existing ones will be moved and the seats will be extended.
If you want to do this yourself, there are 50,000 won for each rail on the Internet.I have to work on this with a knife, but I get hit with reality a lot^^; So I just leave it to you.
It looks easy, but it’s harder than I thought.I can do it comfortably here because I have all the tools to solve it, but it’s hard to do it alone.So there are many cases where I leave it to themThe rail part of Carnival is really hot in the middle of summerSo, we put the floor mat on and put the car rails in.
We need to cut 18cm more.
When I was working here, the boss said the color was dirty, so he replaced it.They cut it according to the size, but it feels like a new car Haha
The rail on the driver’s side was clean, so I decided to just use it.You just have to make a hole and do a simple job here.When you work on the rails, if you don’t tighten the bolts, the rails will float, and it can get caught as the inside comes up, and it can be a big problem.
Finally, I finished the extension of my dream car track
) When I pulled it forward like this, the seat became really wide!You can put your camping stuff on top and put it in the back and sleepIt’s gotten really comfortable.
I sat down like this, and if I had put my legs really uncomfortable before, my height, which is now 180cm, is so satisfying that I can just fit in.You used to say, “Keep your friends safe.”^^ I was able to easily and satisfactorily remodel the rail through my friend who was remodeling the car seat.There are a lot of things I want to do, turn the sheet back, use a different mat, or put on a monoling. I think it’ll be fun to make one by one.
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