Hello, I’m Heyman.Today, we’re going to talk about Felicade exports.I recently looked for Enka because of the export, but there was no better price range for Felicade than I thought.But… Our company already received an order for 10 units and was preparing to send them out?!
I was working on exporting and sending about 3500-3700 vehicles.These records are the same as the fact that Felicade is somewhat recognized in foreign countries.
Cars tend to be similar to new cars, and when I send them, I cover all the seats from the handle to the cover.We send pelisade exports with the seat in the back.[Voiceover] I feel this every time I see it, but I think it’s really well-made.However, there is also a regret that it would have been better if it was about 3000cc.I don’t want to do that.Anyway, in the case of this vehicle, I was just going to do the whole work with the plastic cover and send the export.
In the case of blue, it can be considered as a protective film.It’s a film that has properties that protect external impact protection.
After wrapping it with bubble wrap, protective film is applied and loaded into a forklift container to send exports.It seems difficult to drive if you put a protective film like this, but of course, this part is worked after it is filled.
I open the driver’s seat, drive, and go out to the carrier.After going through this export process, I think Korean cars are no longer our ownMany foreign countries want Korean cars, and Hyundai Kia is also being treated well.There are some things that are favorable when having a meeting at a place like Kia abroad, and there are things that I look for because the quality of the car itself is good.In particular, we recommend that cars like this Felicade be sold on the export side, even if they are for 10 or 20 years.
It’s been a long time since the auto-matic disappeared and I find it very interesting to change the Kia in a button-style way.
Of course, the pelisade is a vehicle without a lower frame or skeleton, so it is not suitable for off-roadingIt’s like a city-style suv.
Even if you sell it to the buyer for about 40 million won, it doesn’t interfere with the export of used cars.So if you’re going to ride a Felicade, remember, even after 10 or 20 years, you have to export this car rather than buy it!
Felisade is a vehicle that exports really like.One of the reasons buyers gave high scores to Hyundai is that they gave marshalling tires to pure wear.
It’s about 20 inches long and I recommend pelisade as a downtown suv.
Personally, I think it is very attractive to export vehicles overseasIf you’re considering exporting Felicade, I recommend it^^Go to auction

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